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JavaScript regex to return incorrect value

I’m trying to create a function in JavaScript to return the incorrect value of an int or double. Here’s what I’ve got:
function returnIncorrect(val) {
return “The number ” + val + ” is incorrect.”

What I want is some sort of argument that will take in a value from a user and then return the value returned by “The number ” + val + ” is incorrect.”
So basically:
> returnIncorrect(100) should return “The number 100 is incorrect”
> returnIncorrect(“123”) should return “The number 123 is incorrect”

Is there a way to do that without using eval()?


Of course you could split it up and call it that way…
if (typeof val == “string”) {
returnIncorrect = function(val) {
return “The number ” + val + ” is incorrect.”
} else {
returnIncorrect = function(val) {
return “The number ” + val + ” is incorrect.”

The syntax you have is a function definition, not a function call. (Note that there is no return statement in the function definition, but that is an error in the syntax, and will normally throw an exception when converted to JavaScript.)


Custom URL link for different pages

Hi im looking to have a new link that lets users click on it and they are taken to another page. the url must always


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C++ array of element types

I’ve got an assignment where I’m trying to fill an array with the values calculated from several inputs, but the compiler gives me an error saying an array can only hold pointers, I know I’ve got something wrong with the way I’m declaring the array, please help!
using namespace std;

struct color_point;

int main(){
vector colors;
for(int i = 0; i get_r() = float(i);
c->get_g() = float(i);
c->get_b() = float(i);
return 0;

struct color_point{
float get_r();
float get_g();
float get_b();

color_point* color_point::get_r() {
return &_r;

color_point* color_point::get_g() {
return &_g;

color_point* color_point::get_b() {
return &_b;

int color_point::get_r() {
int count = sizeof(_r) / sizeof(int);
_r = *((int*)&_r);
return count;

int color_point::get_g() {
int count = sizeof(_g) / sizeof(int);
_g = *((int*)&_g);
return count;

int color_point::get_b() {
int count = sizeof(_b) / sizeof(int);
_b = *((int*)&_b);
return count;

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